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Our Story

What if you could put on a piece of garment and have a shift in mindset?

We realize that it’s only clothing, but we believe that inspired design and words have the power to motivate and inject positivity into the fabric of our society. This can have a subtle but powerful effect, and that is the idea behind all of our apparel and accessories.

We are a small independent company based in New York. We design everything in-house and with request-based printing, there is no extra waste, as everything is made-to-order.  Your every purchase supports a small business that aims to inspire you and the world with our mindful apparel and accessories.

“Om Element5 mindful apparel” was created during the initial phase of the March 2020 worldwide pandemic with a goal to uplift and inspire. For too long we focused on scarcity, on not enough. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to focus more on taking care of ourselves and each other.

 Our customers understand that celebrating one’s individuality is a beautiful thing, but what if we could embrace ourselves and focus on the collective. Beyond our clothing, we are setting out to foster a community of people who practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga and embrace the mantra “follow your bliss." Do what makes you feel good!

This is mindful apparel designed with WE in mind. Let’s inspire in style!
(btw, it’s pronounced Om Elements, not Om Element five ;)


With eternal gratitude,

The Om Element5 Team